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GlobalEye Stock Is Open For Business!

We're pleased to announce the new website is now open for business.

Unlike most mainstream stock libraries, GlobalEyeStock encourages and facilitates direct contact between photo buyers and photographers, and ...

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Photographers: Start Your Engines!

OK, it looks like we've got all the bugs and broken links, and everything is looking pretty good. A big thank you to all the Members (and a handful of visitors!) your help with that.

We're basically ready to go now, so we've ...

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Live Testing & Bug Reports

We're not quite 'open for business' yet, but since you've found us, you are most welcome to look around! We're doing our final testing at the moment and everything seems to be working, but there might still be the odd bug we ...

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GlobalEyeStock Is Ready For Testing!

Just a heads up that our new GlobalEyeStock website is finally ready for testing. We've made a lot of changes and incorporated a number of new features and functions, so it should be a major improvement on the GlobalEyeImages site... ...

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Nashville Wedding Photographer's Lens Guide

Choosing the correct lens for photographing a wedding can be tricky. Doerman Photography, Nashville Wedding Photographers, has a guide to getting the best use of your lenses.

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The Death of Stock Photography?

Here's a link to a special post & report we published recently for our Member Photographer's. Apparently it's being passed around a bit and I've had a few other people asking where to find it... so here it is...

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How to look amazing in your wedding photos

So many details where thought about in your special day. The venue, flowers, dress and every decoration, But did you try to make sure ...

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Let The Games Begin

As London gets itself ready for the 2012 Olympics this summer, in the northern province of Lao Cai, Vietnam, the locals have their own version of the Games. In the small village of Ta Phin, about 30 minutes from the market town of Sapa, villagers ...

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Top 10 Photography Tips for Beginners

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Trick Photography Follow Up

In my review of the Trick Photography package the other week, I mentioned that I wasn't sure how 'commercial' some of the techniques were. Well I got an answer to that question in the post today, with one of the same images appearing ...

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15 FireFox Add-ons For Photographers

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New Videos

If you've been paying attention, you'll know I'm a big fan of video marketing for photographers. It's a visual medium perfectly suited for our work and it gets results.

For most photographers ...
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Google Plus For Photographers

Google's been at it again, announcing some major changes last month that are going to impact anyone doing business online for a long time to come. They're calling it Search plus Your World and it give searchers the option to combine their ...

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Photography Giveaway Event

The doors are open on the first ever photography giveaway event, this weekend only.

We invited a number of photography-related businesses to take part and put up one or more free gifts for photographers, to show case their products and ...

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Posting Photos To Social Media?

If you're posting your images to various social media sites, here's a survey that you might find useful. It checked 38 of the main social media / photo sharing websites and how they handled uploaded images.

In particular, they were ...

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Photography Quotes For Your Blog

We've just published a simple plugin for anyone with their own WordPress Blog. It displays random photography quotes (over 200) under each of your blog posts auttomatically, for a bit of additional interest for your readers.

This is a ...

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Bird Photographers: Specialist Stock Images

Bird Photographers is the latest addition to our specialist photographers directory and provides easy access to wild bird pictures & stock bird photos. This ...

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Where To Sell Photography Online?

If you talk to a lot of photographers about where to sell photography the standard suggestion is probably going to be that you sign on with one of the Microstock libraries. However, if you're serious ...

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Travel Photography Vs Travelling With Camera

Travel photography is probably one of the most misunderstood fields of commercial photography. For most photographers, the only requirement for shooting travel images is for them to be somewhere new, but the reality is quite different. The ...

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How To Market Photography

Selling photographs online has become big business in recent years: digital SLRs keep getting cheaper and the images they produce keep getting ...

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