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A field of sunflowers near Oamaru NZ

Chanced upon this stunning field of golden sunflowers during a road trip to Dunedin. The flowers are hybrids and their seed is sold solely in New Zealand for use as bird seed. The day was overcast which accentuated the colour of the flowers and the landscape beyond. The beautiful girl was an added bonus.

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Alizarin Lizards Popular Dunedin Band

The Alizarin Lizards a popular Dunedin Band performing the day before ‘Listen’ a one-day performance within the 2011 Dunedin Fringe Festival art/music event ‘Don’t Look Listen’.

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Ethnic Villages Bolaven Plateau Laos

Daily life in ethnic villages on the Bolaven Plateau Laos, home to the Katu, Nge, Katang and other Mon Khmer ethnic groups. Harvested grain, chillies, peanuts and maize are dried outside on mats. The Katang weave and maintain their traditions practicing both animism, shamanism and buffalo sacrifice. The Katu uniquely carve wooden coffins well before an expected death and store them under their houses or rice sheds. The government has provided schools, electricity and water pumps to some villages. Stilt palm and thatch houses are built from ratten and wood.

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Moeraki Boulders New Zealand

The Moeraki Boulders, popular with tourists, now protected by law are found scattered along the beach near Moeraki on the South Island, NZ. Formed c. 60 million years ago they consist of a core of plant, shell or bone pieces found within mudstone around which calcium carbonate (calcite) was deposited. A very long process it took c. 4 million years to form the largest boulder.

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