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You can't get more Australian than Laughing Kookaburras filling the morning with their distinctive calls. And the Blue winged Kookaburra makes up for its less entertaining calls with a burst of colour on its wings and tail. Here's a collection of images of both wonderful birds.

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Rickenbacker Guitar - a musical icon

Rickenbacker has been making some of the most disctinctive electric guitars on the market for 80 years. Rickenbacker guitars graced the stage with bands such as the Byrds, The Who, Creedence Clearwater Revival , Steppenwolf, and the Beatles. Even 'modern' bands such as REM, Radiohead, Oasis and Pearl Jam have used Rickenbacker to colour their aural art. This guitar featured in my images is not famous, but it is has a classic Rickenbacker styling, great sound...and more importantly, it's mine!

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