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African Elephants in Botswana

Elephants are amazing animals to see in the wild. They often appear cantankerous and provide many a rush of adrenaline. But who could not fall for a baby elephant.

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Kalahari black-maned Lion, Panthera leo

It was an incredible experience to observe the mythical black-maned Kalahari lion patrol his domain over a three day period at Deception Valley in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana. He was an enormous animal estimated closer to 300 kg than the normal 250kg for an adult male lion in his prime.

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Leopards in Botswana

Leopards are magnificent animals. I have been fortunate to see several on two trips to Botswana. They are beautiful and have a mystique about them probably due to their reclusive nature. They are actually doing well compared to the other big cats because they are very adaptable.

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Lions at Duba Plains, Okavango Delta, Botswana

The famous lions of Duba Plains are well known for their buffalo-hunting prowess often seen during daylight hours. I didn't actually witness a hunt but on two occasions saw the buffalo chase the lions in pre-emptive strikes. On the second occasion the large male was chased up a tree by a band of very aggressive buffalo bulls! The highlight, however, occurred on my first afternoon on safari watching two litters of cousins come together in play for perhaps the first time.

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White-handed Gibbon, Hylobates lar

The white-handed gibbon, Hylobates lar, is an endangered ape that is found in South-east Asia. These photographs were taken in Thailand in 2001 at the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, Phuket. The animals were either rescued from bars or handed in by owners who could no longer care for them.

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Zebra in Botswana

Zebra provide infinite possibilities as photographic subjects with their unique patterns combined with a gregarious and often flighty temperament providing an ever changing scene in front of your eyes.

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