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Large-size portraits

Posted: 8/14/2015 3:19:42 PM

It's nice to see one's work so prominently displayed on a family's living-room wall! These photos of a sister and brother were taken in a somewhat unusual location. You can read more on my website (link below).   Read Full Article

Exhibition Leads to Future

Posted: 8/6/2015 4:44:46 PM

Sadly the sun has set on my Exhibition but I have sold some books. However keep an eye out for the dawn of some new digital image products on my art site. Plus, these puns are a cheesy segue. After deciding to contribute to the Sunrise and Sunset project I built a new Lightbox called Dawn Dusk ...   Read Full Article

Exhibition Open

Posted: 7/26/2015 5:58:16 PM

Well my exhibition is now on; it will run for another week. We had about 20 people to the opening on Friday evening and a sale was made. For those local to Canberra it is at 42 Mort St. Braddon.   Read Full Article

Website update

Posted: 7/3/2015 12:00:30 PM

My website now displays the latest additions to my image collection as well as a gallery with the most popular images. Just click Additions in the menu on my homepage. Comments are welcome!   Read Full Article

Mostly Fine Art Exhibition

Posted: 7/2/2015 7:54:13 PM

I have now launched my fine Art web site under my new business name Mostly Photography. I will still be producing stock images but the fine art images will now be available as prints from my web site.
Later this month I will be holding a small exhibition here in Canberra, starting on the 24th ...   Read Full Article

Still going up!

Posted: 6/9/2015 10:33:20 AM

The number of countries where visitors to my website reside is getting higher and higher!   Read Full Article

I was here ...

Posted: 5/17/2015 9:23:13 AM

Read the news on my website!   Read Full Article

The Remarkable Rocks, South Australia

Posted: 4/27/2015 2:12:54 PM

This lightbox contains images of the Remarkable Rocks in the Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island. Sculptured by the forces of nature over millions of years and coloured with orange-red patches of lichens, they are a great tourist attraction. The island is easy to reach by a ferry from ...   Read Full Article

Horses Face

Posted: 4/22/2015 10:22:57 PM

The horses face has many expressions. Soft and curious glances and closed eyes from the Andalusian. The beautiful grey Thoroughbred mare under saddle is very elegant; her expressions are soft and attentive as the rider asks her to dance. The stunning black Friesian stallion standing in the arena ...   Read Full Article

Horses - Work in Hand

Posted: 4/22/2015 8:34:43 PM

Working in hand is a valued tool when educating a horse. It is a classical exercise, for a classically trained horse. Though left to the highly experienced, this is an art in itself; where you are working on the ground and using the same aids as if you where riding. Work in hand helps to develop ...   Read Full Article

Horses Ears, Noses and Mouths

Posted: 4/13/2015 10:36:29 PM

These curious features ears noses and mouths where shot in side and out. The horse has the ability to hear a humans heart beat from three metres away they communicate with each other using ear gestures. The furriness, colours and hair whirls are all characteristics of a horses ear. The mouth and ...   Read Full Article

Longeing – Percheron, Warmblood and An

Posted: 4/8/2015 10:49:15 PM

Longeing spelt like this is the Classical, French spelling and Lungeing spelt this way is UK english or US spelling. Longeing is a special practice done to prepare the horses to become a saddle horse. Longeing done correctly using a Longeing cavesson helps to build strength, balance and posture. ...   Read Full Article

Flowers lightbox updated

Posted: 4/6/2015 7:10:48 AM

New images have been added to my lightbox with photographs of beautiful flowers and plants. Enjoy!   Read Full Article

Vintage cars

Posted: 4/4/2015 8:57:55 AM

A vintage car is usually defined as being built between 1919 and 1930. This lightbox includes images of a few automobiles from 1911 to 1932.   Read Full Article

Horse Running Free in the Paddock

Posted: 4/4/2015 12:24:37 AM

These photos shot outside on a beautiful day, the green trees and green pasture backdrop help to frame our glorious model. This bay thoroughbred is running and playing but all the while doing his natural paces of walk trot and canter. His coat is particularly golden as he has not been rugged for ...   Read Full Article

Horses Andalusian Arab & Appaloosa

Posted: 4/3/2015 11:55:55 PM

This collection of photos is a mixture of horses peering out of the stables, ridden headshots, horses from chest up looking at the camera. Sepia, black & white and colour photos. The breeds featured are Andalusian, Arab and Appaloosa horses. The soft expressions on each of these horses whether ...   Read Full Article

The Horses Eye

Posted: 3/31/2015 12:16:47 AM

The horses’ eye has so much to say and sometimes the eyes say more than the mouth. The expressions and emotions, the mood, the eye colour and the eyelashes are a form of visual storytelling. Getting up close to these beauties is such a joy to photograph. The best stories are often told with the ...   Read Full Article

Another milestone!

Posted: 3/26/2015 8:59:34 AM

Reason to be happy and proud. Read more under News at my website.   Read Full Article

Solar Eclipse in England, 20 March 2015

Posted: 3/25/2015 3:34:10 AM

Magical, electrifying and thrilling - Solar eclipse is a natural phenomenon that appears when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, and the Moon fully or partially obscures sight of the Sun.

In the ancient times there were many beliefs about the cause of the Solar eclipse and its ...   Read Full Article

Europe's largest street style skate

Posted: 3/25/2015 3:28:52 AM

I'm lucky to live close to Central Forest Park which is the biggest skate plaza in Europe (according to the official Stoke on Trent website)

One day I decided to go there to have a look around with hope that I may meet someone interesting. And indeed I meet there few really ...   Read Full Article