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What Photo Buyers Want In 2011?

New industry survey examines the changing needs and work practices commercial photo buyers, and emerging trends in Stock Photography

YORKEYS KNOB, January 5, 2011 — New industry survey examines the changing needs and work practices commercial photo buyers, and emerging trends in the lucrative Stock Photography industry.

Photo Research Info ( is pleased to announce it's first survey for the year, the 2011 Photo Buyer Survey.

Few industries have experienced the drastic changes we've seen in Stock Photography in recent years,” said Matt Brading, founder of CEO and founder of “but the changes are far from over. In a few short years we've seen revolutionary change in every aspect of the industry, right from image capture & processing, sales & marketing, pricing and licensing, delivery and publishing. In fact, there's not much left that resembles what we were doing even 10 years ago.”

The the PRI surveys have been established to monitor and track change in all sectors and deliver quality, practical information to industry participants, as Brading explains: “Stock Photography is very much a solo business for many photographers, and even those represented by libraries don't get the quality information they used to. Likewise buyers are often insulated by their own internal company practices, and miss many of the emerging trends and improvements that could make their lives easier.

So these surveys are designed to fill that gap and ensure photographers & photo-buyers are on the same page.”

Interested Photo Buyers can complete the 2011 Photo Buyer Survey at the PRI website:

While interested Photographer's can register to be notified when the 2011 Photographer Surveys is announced and when the results of the 2011 Photo Buyer Survey are collated and published.

There is no cost or registration required to participate, and all surveys are totally anonymous.

About Photo Research Info

Photo Research Info (PRI) provides a free survey & analysis services to the stock photography industry. They conduct regular surveys of various industry participants and freely publish the results on their website for anyone to review. PRI is an initiative of Global Eye Images. Interested persons can find out more about either operation on the Global Eye Images website:

Media Contact:

Matt Brading

Global Eye Images

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[email protected]

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