Jenny Barnes: Freelance Photographer Fulham Gardens

Photographer Profile

Photographer Work Description
Equestrian Racing etc - Action photography and posed still shots.

Non arty - I choose not to alter images through major reworking in photoshop.

Qualifications & Experience
I have been contributing to online publications for over 15 years and have been running a photography business and providing photos to equestrian/racing magazines for the same time

I choose not to manipulate images as I believe good photography is about documenting what is there through the lens not what can be changed later on a computer.

Other Interests:
I have an interest in racehorses from the past and am slowly building up profiles of past champions of Australian racing on my website.

I also like to follow horses from being yearlings to racehorses to equestrian careers and having photos of each stage makes it even more interesting.

Contact Details

Jenny Barnes Photography
Po Box 67
Fulham Gardens  SA  5024

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Mobile: 0412 208 011

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