Stephen Le Bas: Freelance Photographer Sydney

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Photographer Work Description
I photograph a range of subjects and as such do not have a specifically defined work description. I am always drawn to strong lighting and colour, particularly to late afternoon light.

Qualifications & Experience
I have been a keen photographer for over 30 years, starting with Black and white whilst and school and Uni. I enjoy shooting in both film and Digital, however my focus these days is digital. I have no formal tertiary qualifications in photography (my undergraduate degree is in Electronics). I have studied a range of short courses in photography to enhance my knowledge and skills.

Other Interests:
Other than photography I have strong interests in music, playing both piano and trumpet.

Contact Details

mEyeVue Photography & Imagery
Sydney  NSW  2207

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Phone: 0407 661 909 (BH)
Mobile: 0407 661 909