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Main areas of interest and preferred work are landscape, wildlife and flora specimens. The majority of photos are landscapes and this is my preferred work area. My style is probably best described as realistic rather than artistic. My technical skill is probably more developed than my eye for composition, but probably better for others to judge. My most "commercial" subjects are probably Australian landscapes, although I have a wide range of images from oveseas, including China.

Qualifications & Experience
My interest in photgraphy goes back many years, but particularly over the last 20 years. I have participated in darkroom technique courses locally and overseas. Before going fully digital we installed a purpose built darkroom at home. Most recently I spent several days in Central Australia with Peter Easterway and Tony Hewitt. Having gone digital I usually work with Lightroom and the Nik Software suite of programmes with some work in Photoshop. I am comfortable with the use of the internet and email.

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