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As a photographer I work on photoessays that are likely to interest various magazines. I am particularly interested in producing photoessays that deal with social issues. I also spend a lot of time on travel, nature and landscape (by use of a panoramic camera) photography. I work mostly in Italy, where I am based; but I also travel frequently to Paris,France, and other parts of Europe. I often supply Italian travel magazines with photographs and articles.

Qualifications & Experience
I took photo classes at the Northern Virginia Community College, in Alexandria,Va (U.S.A.), headed by Joyce Tenneson. I attended several photography workshops at the Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport,Maine (U.S.A.)under the guidance of known photographers such as Eugene Richards and Chris Rainier. I also studied photography in Paris,France, at the CentreIris. Besides Italian which is my mother tongue I speak fluently english, French and German.

Other Interests:
I very much enjoy and spend a lot of time on all visual arts, especially film and painting (I visit as many museums and art galleries as I can). I also read a lot, mostly literature, newspapers and newsmagazines. I lived in many different countries, such as Haiti, Morocco, France and the U.S.A. and as a result I have developed a real passion for travels.

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Via dei Volsci 123
Roma  Italy  00185

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