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I know you're probably eager to dive right in, but I'll ask that you give me your full attention for the next few minutes.

We're about to launch a long-term business partnership so you should know exactly what's on offer & what's expected of you...

After that, there's three things you can do to get even better results, so we'll cover those too... and then we'll get you started!

GlobalEye Goes Far Beyond Traditional Stock Photography

GlobalEye is a Complete Business Solution for Photographers. It's built around a stock photography catalogue, plus it also offers you a comprehensive package of publishing options & marketing tools, to help you develop and grow a successful photography business.

  • Fully Searchable Stock Catalogue
  • Existing 20,000+ Client List
  • Traditional Hands-Free Stock Sales
  • Multiple Built-In Revenue Streams
  • Professional Web Presence
  • Pro-Active Marketing Tools
  • Photo-Content Marketing System
  • Integrated Social Marketing

GlobalEye is a plug-and-play Photography Marketing Machine. We handle all the technical & tedious chores so you can focus on shooting & selling great photography!

The Mainstream Stock Libraries Won't Tell You This But Traditional Stock Photography Stopped Working...

Whether you're an old-hand or a relative newbie, you should know by now that Stock Photography isn't what it used to be...

The industry has changed dramatically but most mainstream stock libraries want you to continue working like it's 1999...

They expect you to spend hours formatting high-res images and then even more time submitting them and adding captions & keywords...

And then you're supposed to just wait around patiently for sales...

What they won't tell you is that this submit-and-wait approach to stock photography stopped working consistently years ago!

So at GlobalEye we take a different approach...

Please read the following very carefully... this next part is crucial!

The Smarter-Not-Harder Workflow

Prep & Submit LOW-RES Image Files

You only prep high-res images when there's a sale, so you don't have to waste hours at your computer, processing images that might never actually be needed!

Submit & Publish COMPLETE Photo Sets

You submit small batches of related images... so it's quick & painless... and you can have your best images of each subject published and working for you... before you move on.

Then You Let GlobalEye TAKE OVER!

You drop your new photos into our Content Publishing Machine and we go to work for you... so you can even generate traffic, leads and sales WHILE you build your catalog.


Whatever you do... Don't let the simplicity of this fool you!

This simple workflow generates more traffic, leads and sales than everything else we do combined. It delivers a stream of targeted & motivated buyers directly to your pages, and it's responsible for some of our highest paying sales.

Even if you never do anything else with GlobalEye... if you make this simple 3-step process a part of your workflow, you will generate the traffic, leads & sales you need to grow your photography business fast.

And if that sounds good... keep in mind, this is just scratching the surface of what you can do to sell more photos and grow your business...

Can You Imagine A Few Ways You Could Use These Tools To Sell More Photos & Grow Your Business?

Traditional Hands-Free Stock Photo Sales

As soon as you load your photos, they're visible on all our stock library websites, working for you 24-7. We have over 21,000 registered photo buyers and we bring in hundreds more every month!

General Photo Requests

When a Client can't find what they want, or has a long list of requirements, or hasn't got time to search themselves, we pass their photo wants on to everyone.

Quote Requests From Motivated Buyers

When a buyer finds what they need in the library, they'll contact you directly for a quote. You keep total control of your work and your business and you never pay a cent in commissions.

Photo License Requests, Even Easier

If you enable our Price Calculator, the Clients will work out the price themselves and simply contact you to arrange payment and delivery. It doesn't get any simpler.

Commissioned Photography Assignments

Clients looking to commission a photographer are usually highly motivated! Our Global Photographer Search website is purpose-built to generate this kind of lead, so your details are indexed by all the major search engines, and available every time a buyer needs someone with your skills in your location.

Prints & Enlargements

We do get private buyers coming through the website looking for prints for decor and gifts, so some photographers set up a small selection of their most popular images on a fulfilment website and put the same images in a single lightbox ... and then refer any personal shoppers to that for hands-free print sales!

Photo Product Sales

We also have photographers web-based services to drop-ship various photo-products... gift cards, clothing items, calendars, coffee mugs etc. They lodge a selection of images with the fulfillment website, set up a GlobalEye lightbox of the same images and use that to direct interested visitors to the relevant sites.

Advertising & Affiliate Revenue

You can add your own affiliate links to your personal website pages, to direct your non-commercial visitors to various offers that you get a commission on. Already a number of Members are cashing in on this passive revenue option so we'll shortly be adding a push-button option to make it even easier.

Features & Photo Essays

You can publish complete photo sets as Galleries... slideshows with extended captions... which we then publish on our Feature Articles website. This format makes them particularly attractive to editorial and feature buyers and they also rank extremely well in the search engines... more highly targeted traffic to your photos!

Unlimited Themed Lightboxes

Our lightboxes super-simple but extremely powerful. They're search engine friendly photo sets and they generate a huge amount of direct targeted traffic. Buyers searching for a given subject arrive straight from Google & Yahoo to your photo pages and if they like what they see they contact you direct.

Shared Custom Lightboxes

Same feature but even more powerful (and lucrative) if you choose to get pro-active. Research a buyer and prepare a custom lightbox specifically for them, then invite them to take a look. If that sounds simple, it is! These personal invite emails can generate 90% click-through rates and account for some our best sales.

Local Business Leads

NEW! We've recently made some major updates to improve our photographers 'local search listings' and already we're seeing some great leads coming through... if you do business locally be sure to check out the Action Plan in the Member Docs!

Your Personal Client List

We give you an easy-to use Client Manager that lets you build your Client List from each and every contact ... so you can go back to them over-and-over with new material relevant to their needs. Most stock libraries cannot afford to let you do this, we show you how and encourage it!

Travel Plans & Upcoming Events

Even before you shoot the material, go to your Client list with story ideas, travel plans or upcoming local events to see if they're interested? We have photographers in every corner of the world and our buyers are even more diverse, so it makes sense that events in your community could be exotic and interesting to buyers somewhere else!

Client Want Lists & Upcoming Projects

As you develop a good working relationship with your personal Clients you can start asking what they'll be needing in the future, and they'll start to come to you as someone they know is able to supply the subjects they need. This is pure gold. Sales on demand from proven buyers!

Wedding Photography

We have some photographers set up similar lightboxes so wedding guests can order additional prints as well. They set up an empty lightbox before the wedding with a 'coming soon' message, and simply hand out the web address on their business card on the day ... to pick up extra print sales and extra business!

Portrait Photography

Again using the Private Lightboxes we have a number of portrait photographers (people and pets!) who use our lightboxes to share the complete shoot and let their Clients order prints by email or over the phone. The savvy photographers then follow up with the suggestion the Client also shares the link with other family and friends as appropriate!

Events Photography

A number of our photographers regularly cover various events and add all the images to Private Lightboxes and pass the link on to the Clients. They then login to review the images and purchase those they want. We have people doing this with sports events, community events & festivals, private parties, nightclubs and more ... all with great results.

With GlobalEye The Only Real Limit Is Your Imagination!

Look At How Some Of Our Photographers Are Generating Leads & Sales


"But I Just Want To Submit My Photos And Have My Stock Library Do The Rest..."

Now you might be wondering if this hands-on approach is still technically stock photography?

Or even necessary?

Well technically... stock photography is simply the business of selling your existing images.

And a traditional stock library is just one method for doing that.

For me though, results are far more important than labels...

And the Mainstream/Traditional stock libraries stopped delivering years ago...

It was about the time Stock Libraries stopped referring to themselves as 'Agencies' and gave up any pretext of representing their photographers' best interests...

As they turned the industry into a high-volume, low-price mass distribution business instead.

In fact GlobalEye came about back in 1998 because a small group of photographers weren't happy with where Stock Photography was headed...

A few big corporations were buying-out everyone they could and forcing the remaining independent libraries to the wall...

Library commissions were getting bigger, photographer's rights were being trashed...

And all these new 'mega-libraries' were tripping over themselves to see who could give our images away the cheapest!

Well we figured we could probably do better on our own...

And we did!

17 years later our Photographer's Co-op experiment has evolved into a powerful photography marketing system that's unlike any other.

Now that might not be "traditional" stock photography, but our photographers think that's a good thing!

You Can Say "No" To Submit-&-Wait-&-Hope
And Choose Sales-On-Demand Instead!

At GlobalEye we believe it's your business and you should be in control.

And our Zero Commissions approach offers you some very unique options to do just that...

These aren't traditional stock photography tools by any means, but they deliver amazing benefits... so you can literally decide how much you want to earn!

In an industry that expects you to just sit around and take whatever scraps come your way,
we encourage you to contact your own buyers and generate your own leads.

Full Access To Your Clients

After your photos, your Client List is your most important business asset, so we give you FULL ACCESS to your buyers so you can develop real relationships with proven buyers who need images of the subjects you like to shoot.

Built-In Client Manager

You can import and manage your own Clients, so you can follow up for repeat sales, offer new material, ask about upcoming image needs and share your own plans... all of which lets you maximize each Client's value.

Client Prospecting Tools

You get powerful systems and training to help you find new photo buyers who need images of your subjects,so you can start building your own Personal Client List, quickly and easily, right from day one.

Content Sharing Tools

No more sit-and-wait... publish hand-picked images for a specific Client then invite them to look it over. Do this with every new photo set and you can make sales on demand while you set up your catalog!

Zero Commissions + Direct Buyer Contact
= More Money In Your Pocket!

Of all the things we do differently around here, the one that still gets the biggest reaction is our Zero Commissions policy.

To us it makes perfect sense...

These days the photographers are doing the lions-share of the work... shooting, editing, processing, uploading, captioning...

So it's hardly fair to ask the photographers to do more work for less money?

And we really can't understand how so many libraries can possibly justify increasing their commissions...

Especially when they're already giving your photos away for peanuts?

So at GlobalEye, we take a very different approach...

We operate as a subscription-based service, where our photographers contribute a modest fee upfront to cover our costs... and in return you get to keep everything you make.

This can be a sticking point for some photographers, but the bottom line is, with a traditional commission-based stock library, you're doing all the work for an ever-decreasing return.

And if you do well, you'll just end up paying even more... so the library is the only real winner!

With GlobalEye, your costs are fixed so the better you do, the better you do!

Subscription Versus Commission

As an example, one of our early was worth US$10,000. With a traditional stock library, the photographer would have paid half of that to the stock library as a commission.

As a GlobalEye photographer, he kept the lot!

In this case, he'd already covered his membership for that year with a previous sale...

So this one was all profit!

Now all the standard disclaimers apply and this is obviously an extreme example...

But even if it took you 10 sales to match that total amount... or heck, even if you make it in 20 sales... you aren't going to mind, because the end result will be exactly the same...

You get to keep the lot!

With GlobalEye, the better you do, the better you do!

And You Can Do It All With Total Confidence...

You're Twice as Protected with GlobalEye's Double-Barrel Guarantee...

As good as all this sounds, it's only natural that some less-experienced photographers might be wondering if they're ready for this? Whether it can really work for them too?

Likewise, some of the old-hands might be a bit skeptical that things might change after they've started... and their time and effort could be wasted?

Well I want you to come on board with total confidence, so I'm going to take on all the risk with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee AND our unique Productivity Guarantee!

My Personal Guarantee

The risk is all on me!

Lock-in your GlobalEye Membership today and test-drive everything, absolutely risk-free, for a full 30-days.

If for ANY reason at all you decide that GlobalEye is not for you then you're right!

I'm not going to argue.

Simply drop me an email and I'll issue a prompt and courteous refund in full.

No hassles. No questions asked!

Our Productivity Guarantee

In order to preserve your earnings-power, we've made a commitment to our photographers to cap the membership at 500 photographers.

This will maintain our high Client/Photographer ratio and prevent you getting lost in the crowd as happens all too often at many of the bigger stock libraries.

We clean our Client list regularly... so any time the ratio falls too low, we simply close the doors to new photographers until we get it back up again.

We obviously can't promise you a specific number of sales, but we believe this protects your investment and gives you the best possible opportunity to pick up regular passive sales.

You Can See I've Done Everything Possible To Make It Easy and Safe For You To Try Out GlobalEye For Yourself...

But I'm Not Done Yet!

We want you to have all the tools and information you need to come on board and get the results you're after, so check out these extras we're giving you today...

Bonus #1. Members eLibrary. ($47 Value)

First up we've got a special Members Library with dozens of eBooks, video tutorials, short reports and user-guides we've written to help you with virtually ANY aspect of the business of selling your photography online...

Building Image Volume Fast, Setting Up Your Business, Dealing With Photo Buyers, Photos That Sell, Calculating Photo Prices and a whole lot more...

You also get unrestricted access to the Photographer's Vault archive of videos, software, PS actions & templates, business forms & more.

Bonus #2. Full Portfolio Review ($97 Value)

Whether you're an 'old-hand' or you're just starting out in stock photography, we can save you a lot of time and angst by checking your progress and watching for all the little things that can hamper your progress and your results.

Once you complete the Account Set Up Checklist we'll conduct a detailed review of your account and provide feedback on your images and content. If appropriate we'll put together a short (optional) work-plan to ensure you're on track to get the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

Bonus #3. Photoshop Tutorials ($54 Value)

This is a great collection of 20 step-by-step screen capture videos presented by a professional portrait photographer.

These high quality videos guide you quickly through his post-processing workflow and then reveal all the professional techniques to make your finished images grab your viewers by the eyeballs and force them to consider your work!

You'll get immediate access to this complete set of videos, plus the same images used in the videos, so you can follow along and master each step as you go.

[You'll find dozens of other equally useful video training packages available in the Member's Area!]

Bonus #5. Artists Market Online Annual Subscription ($20 Value)

If you commit to working GlobalEye for a full year, we'll also include a free 12 month Photographer's Subscription to Artists Market Online, a web-based version of the Photographers Market Guide. This is a fully searchable database of over 1500 photo buyers, what subjects they need, when they need them and how they want you to contact them.

Many of our photographers have been using this for years, working their way through the list, contacting any buyers who need the subjects they're able to supply ... making easy sales and building up a valuable list of relevant buyers.

Most photographers will find 200+ prospects, which means you could easily send 4-5 queries every week to generate excellent leads and sales, on demand, all year round!

Lock in these valuable bonuses when you make a start with GlobalEye today!

OK Yes, This Looks Like an Incredible Powerhouse
That I Can Really Use! ...But What’s The Price?

So let's be clear, this isn't a traditional stock library arrangement.

It's a long-term business partnership where we provide real-world marketing solutions for your photography business.

One of those is a stock photography catalogue...

But it goes far beyond just uploading your photos and waiting around for a few sales.

We provide a professional platform with all the tools you need to publish, promote and sell your photography.

If you have an existing photography business... GlobalEye helps you add new revenue options, find new Clients and generate new business.

If you're just starting out in the business... GlobalEye can help you learn the ropes, find your potential markets and promote your work to them.

No matter what your speciality... GlobalEye can help establish you as the go-to photographer in your field.

No matter your field of work, your style, your location or even your experience... GlobalEye is designed so you can plug-in your photography and start generating results fast.

Passive stock sales, pro-active sales, assignment leads, photo essays, print sales, retail options... all included.

As is the incredible value that comes from building your own personal Client List... photo buyers who know you and need images of the subjects you shoot...

So even if I sold you this for $100+ a month right now... if you put even a few of the tools to work for the next 12 months... you would see a massive return on your investment.

...But, it’s not going to cost that much.

In fact... here’s the best part...

GlobalEye has always been a cooperative project...

At heart we're still just bunch of photographers, working together to reduce our costs, increase our exposure and sell more photos.

And we're 100% committed to keeping this a truly affordable option for any serious like-minded photographer...

So we've put together an extra special offer for you today...

*** Lock In Your Position With GlobalEye Today ***

Act fast and secure your GlobalEye Membership
PLUS the Fast Start bonus package above...



Billed Every Three Months, No Set Up Fee.

  • Plug & Play Photography Business Platform
  • 20,000 Image Stock Photography Catalogue
  • Professional Photographer Web Presence on all GlobalEye Web Properties
  • Personal Client List & Manager
  • SEO Content Publishing System with hands-free Social Marketing
  • GlobalEye Photography-Business Downloads & Archives
  • Detailed Portfolio Review
  • Photoshop Video Tutorials
  • ---



Billed Once, No Set Up Fee.

  • 14 Months Membership - 2 Months Free!
  • Plug & Play Photography Business Platform
  • 20,000 Image Stock Photography Catalogue
  • Professional Photographer Web Presence on all GlobalEye Web Properties
  • Personal Client List & Manager
  • SEO Content Publishing System with hands-free Social Marketing
  • GlobalEye Photography-Business Downloads & Archives
  • Detailed Portfolio Review
  • Photoshop Video Tutorials
  • 12 Months of Artists Market Online



Billed Each Month, No Set Up Fee.

  • Plug & Play Photography Business Platform
  • 20,000 Image Stock Photography Catalogue
  • Professional Photographer Web Presence on all GlobalEye Web Properties
  • Personal Client List & Manager
  • SEO Content Publishing System with hands-free Social Marketing
  • GlobalEye Photography-Business Downloads & Archives
  • Detailed Portfolio Review
  • Photoshop Video Tutorials
  • ---

Your Account Will Be Activated Immediately So You Can Get Started Straight Away
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Thanks again for your time and interest with all this.

I realize I've given you a lot of information here, but we're about to launch a long-term business partnership, so it's important you have a clear picture of what's involved.

If you have any questions at all, please do contact us so we can address them for you and clear the way for you to get started... otherwise you can just pick an option above and we'll get you started!

Here's to a long and rewarding partnership!

Matt Brading

PS. Something holding you back? This really is one of those situations where the best option is to simply try it and see. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain, you'd be crazy not to use our 30-Day guarantee to test-drive GlobalEye for yourself before you make up your mind either way!

PPS. If you're skimming, looking to see what the bottom line is, this is it...

Less than a dollar a day for a complete plug-and-play platform
to Publish, Promote and Sell your Photography.

If that isn't a total no-brainer, you need to go back and read this page in full before you make any decision.

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